the witch is in the kitch

the witch is in the kitch

Hello! Welcome to allez! gourmet.  I’m Lauren and I love to cook. Really, I love to eat but I figure the more I cook, the more interesting things I get to eat.

My bio USED to segue from here into how I focus on staying active, but that’s changed in the last 4 years. I’m now the mom of a wonderfully charismatic, chatty, adventurous daughter, and my family of 3 and I have moved from St. Louis to the Bay Area. My priorities and cooking style have evolved, pragmatically in some ways and just for fun in others, and I’m excited to share recipes that are speaking to me and fitting into our lives on this leg of our journey. A lot less triathlon these days, a lot more pasta, butter, and cream.

My passion lies in cooking for the people I love and showing love through food; I hope you enjoy my zig-zagged journey through the kitchen and around Bay Area food scenes as my family and I explore. Please comment and let me know what your takes on these recipes are, and  bon appétit!


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