the witch is in the kitch

the witch is in the kitch

Hello! Welcome to allez! gourmet and thanks for reading! I’m Lauren and I love to cook. Really, I love to eat but I figure the more I cook, the more interesting things I get to eat.

A close second to cooking and eating in my life is staying active and healthy; I run a bit, I yoga a bit, I swim a archbit, I cycle a bit, I lift, and I like to feel as well-fueled as possible while doing all of those things. On this blog you’ll see my spins on all kinds of recipes, from bright and healthy, veggie-filled wok creations to mile-high special occasion cakes. Many of my posts will detail the dinners I whip up for my husband and myself after busy days of working and working out. I try to keep the food we eat interesting, delicious, well-balanced, and fast. Other posts will delve into the evolving world of food and its impact on what I cook.

My passion lies in cooking for the people I love and showing love through food; I hope you enjoy my zig-zagged journey through the kitchen and around the oft-ignored culinary gems of St. Louis (you know, that place south of Chicago where you’ve never been but should go). Please comment and let me know what your takes on these recipes are. Bon appétit !


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