“Empty Calories, Bursting Soul,” or “Where Have I Been All My Life [since April]?”

WHOA. You know those times in your life, those weeks or months or years that seem to fly by because they’ve been so incredibly PACKED with activity? Yeah, just logged six of those months.

What’s been keeping me away from my cup-of-coffee-and-Wordpress Saturday mornings? Everything. I’m in the home stretch with school. We’ve traveled to (and have eaten very well in) Spain! California! NYC! Florida! Tennessee! Virginia! All over the Midwest! Weekends have been packed to the gills with studying and/or travel. Weeks have been packed with hard work and concerts and driving and, occasionally, sleep. Click here for a nostalgic Flipagram of food we’ve been scarfing!

This morning, I noticed a metaphor for my 2015 culinary life set up bewitchingly on my office’s pig-out table, glazes gleaming and cocoa tails switching. Thousands upon thousands of of quick-energy, empty calories ready for the grabbing, all sugary Halloween promise and no sign of the crash they deliver ten minutes later. A reminder to STOP and THINK about what the consequences of fast decisions can be.


“Well, I’ll eat it,” said Alice.

Confession: I have eaten at Panera roughly 55784348742 times since I last posted in April, have had cereal for dinner many nights, and have reached for convenience foods and snacks between study sessions and on the road more than I’d like to admit (shoutout to Twizzlers Niiiibs). I’ve also tried the Whole30 (meh) and given up meat (hooray), so not every month has been a total, prepackaged loss. The dessert table was a reminder to prioritize cooking and healthful eating habits the same way I have to prioritize workouts and homework if I want them to get done. Also, a reminder of this:

So, this post is an announcement of sorts: I’M TAKING MY TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH THE KITCHEN! Expect posts involving lots of veggies, fish and shellfish, and soups. And, of course, sweet potatoes.

Good to be back and looking forward to sharing!!


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