Moment: Brekkie


Spotted at my desk: smoked wild salmon, eggs, avocado, arugula. Raspberries. Office china.

DELICIOUS made-at-work 2 minute meal (yep, scramble those bad boys in a mug in the microwave).

Think outside of the breakfast boredom box and get a good-for-you beauty boost from healthy fat and omega-3s.

Nutrition or vanity? Bonus either way, amiright? 💁

One thought on “Moment: Brekkie

  1. The capable hands and a drippy fork of Allez Gormet make “Eggs scrambled in a microwavable work mug” gorgeous. Add avocado, salmon, and arugula, raspberries in that pretty bowl somebody brought in. Beginning the day as she means to go on.

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