Field Trip: Brasserie by Niche


From upper left, clockwise: escargot, onion soup, French press coffee, and moule frites.

Ah, Brasserie, how I love you. Visited this delectable spot last Saturday night; it was truly a meal to remember. The atmosphere was cozy with low light and butcher paper over the classic red gingham tablecloths; “casual French” without feeling like diners are stuck in the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp. Knots of French bread and small terrines of silky-smooth (house-made?) butter were served right onto the paper, and the escargot and soups were piping hot. The onion soup was probably the best I’ve ever had, and the mussels were delicious in their briny bath of tarragon, butter, white wine, and the perfect touch of cream. The frites were served with a very rich garlic aioli, which I would have eaten more of if I’d had room.
Simply delicious!! Basics done very well.

5 stars


I’m a sucker for a good poster

Field Trip to King Edward’s

We made a stop by King Edward’s Chicken & Fish this weekend to try their famous- you guessed it- chicken. Man, was it worth it. Two breasts and a side were $5 (!) and completely delicious. We ate in and watched the loyal neighborhood crowd file by to claim their to-go orders as we devoured the straightforward and perfect, golden-fried chicken with our plastic forks.

Dave at the gloriously unadorned KE counter

5 stars