Moment: Pretzels!

pretzelsYou’ll be as surprised as I was to learn how easy pretzels are to make (very). Mix, rise, shape, boil, bake. EAT. How about I link to the foolproof recipe I used and let the clever and precise Alton Brown explain? Sound good? Good.

Moment: Lunchtime

IMG_5227Salmon! Veggies! Avocado! And get a load of that fabulous office dishware. Rawr. My creativity in the kitchen has been stifled of late by intense studying to earn a professional license (brain. is. fried). I’m looking forward to the days when I’ll have time to devote to making a meal more complicated than grilled salmon.  Until then, a mix of ready-made salads from Schnucks will do just fine. I heart bright, simple, summer meals.