Field Trip: Duff’s

To explain my absence during the last week, I had the stomach flu. Not. Good. Sunday, I finally had the energy to have a (delightful) day among the living… and it included food! Joy of joys!
We started our day with brunch at Duff’s, in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. Duff’s is the kind of spot that’s been around for decades, is upscale casual, and serves simple, straight-up, delicious food. And I was blown away by their wall art: mob movie quilts!!


could this idea BE any better!?!

The quilts had descriptive panels sewn onto them: money on The Godfather, little guns on Scarface… so funny! And mob unrelated, but no less spectacular, the piece de résistance: the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert quilt!!

The vivid colors and clever subject of these quilts really brightened my day, and so did my food. I stuck with something simple and had scrambled eggs, which came with fruit and a toasted English muffin. Nothing too spectacularly different, but a safe bet for my battered stomach. I also treated myself to a piece of cinnamon raisin French toast on the side, which was a great call. Duff’s also serves a very fragrant iced tea that’s worth trying on your next visit. Looking forward to the coming week, which will involve cooking and eating instead of yacking and sleeping! Appetite > Stomach Flu


classic breakfast… I can eat again!!

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