This week in my kitchen: Beauty That Moves Blog Hop

This week, I’m joining in on the fun of Heather’s blog hop over at Beauty That Moves, where bloggers share snaps of the weekly hustle and bustle in their kitchens. What was shakin’ in my kitchen this week? Spicy turkey taco bowls, a childhood favorite for breakfast, fresh fruit and melons, and a Whole 30– friendly meal for friends who are about 17 days into their Whole 30 journey. Regrettably, no photos were taken of the Whole 30 meal- we were too busy cooking and cleaning in anticipation of our company and my camera was on the back burner, so to speak. And then we ate all of the leftovers… I will tell you what we made, though; menu and links to recipes below. It was all very simple, fresh, and tasty. Yum, yum.

Bowls seem to be a theme this week in my kitchen…

Clockwise, from top:

Grandma’s marble grapes

Desk fiesta


Morning kitchen: melons, books, and do we need more bottles?

Whole 30 Dinner Menu

Lots of roasting going on that night. What was cooking in your kitchen this week?

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